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Raccoon family

I'm working on this now, it's one of a series of raccoon drawings. I was really strugging  to make a  narritve with these charactors. Therefore, I've decided to  paint them and hopefully I can finalize this story one day.

Cute ginger men & girl Bookmark

I wanted to make a bookmark for me, but for some reason,  I was keen on  making  a few different styles of bookmarks.  These are my first series of bookmarks.

The Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs

I made two sets of  these finger puppets for my lovely and sweet  nieces.  I posted this on Tuesday,  so it's on the way to Korea now!
This artwork is one of a series of dear prints. I developed this story after seeing a baby    deer,  when I passed the Botanic garden (it wasn't supposed to be there) in Cambridge    early spring in 2009. It was my first time to see a wild deer, so I was quite excited!

Russian Doll, matryoshka

Daschund sausage dogs

I made three different styles of Daschund sausage dogs for me and my husband.  I like the ginger coloured one (which is in the center),  whereas my husband likes the light green one (on the right).  I showed them to my nieces, they loved them. So I promised again to make these for them,   but they wanted a bigger size! Probabley, I'll have to make 4 dogs before
flying to Korea this Autumn. I love my nieces too much ^^

Swimming with dolphins, Llinocut art print

This was my entry from our class project, an ABC book with my MA in Children's  book illustration coursemates.My letter was "U", and original title